Potentially Game Changing New ACT Options

On Oct 8, ACT released information on some new options that will become available to students starting on the September 2020 ACT national test date.

The new options are as follows:

ACT Section Retesting

 ACT has a new offer for students who have already taken the test. These students will now be able to retake individual sections of the test (English, Math, Reading, or Science) instead of taking the entire ACT test again. This should help students focus their study on a single section of the test for better superscoring opportunities.

We are still waiting to see how schools respond to this new option. We will keep you posted as the reactions are available.happy students

 Online Testing with faster score results

 ACT will offer students the choice of online or paper testing on national test days at ACT test centers. They are planning to start with select test centers and eventually roll this out to all test centers. Currently, the test is available only on paper on national test dates. The benefit of this new option is that students will receive their scores a lot faster compared to the paper testing. ACT hopes the online testing results will be available two days after taking the test compared to about the two-week timeline for paper testing.

At Mathskilz, We personally prefer that students choose the paper testing option because of the flexibility it offers students especially in the Reading and English sections of the test – the ability to easily make markings on the question paper.

 ACT Superscoring

ACT will now begin to report a superscore for students who have taken the test more than once. This will give colleges the option to use the student’s best scores from all tests administered rather than scores from just a single test when making admission and scholarship decisions.

ACT is making this change because of research that indicates that superscoring is a better predictor of how students will perform in college than the other scoring methods that are currently in use.


These new options do not indicate any change in the content, format, or difficulty of the test. The changes will affect only the administration and reporting methods used for the test.


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